That Building On Driggs. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Most have seen the buidling with the flag in the window on Driggs in Williamsburg. Most have wondered the story behind it. Filmmaker Lea Hjort Mathiesen put in the work to figure it all out and the results are fantastic!

Empty windows and a ragged American flag are features of a house that have mystified passers-by for decades in Williamsburg, New York. From an outsider’s point of view, the building seems abandoned with no signs of life. But behind it’s walls lies a human tale that is ready to be told.

The owner is Jim, a Vietnam Veteran and declared patriot, who was once born in this very building. 
More than two decades after buying the house to try and renovate it, it still remains seemingly untouched. Sediments of the past are thickly layered in the house and as Jim sifts through the dust, the layers of his life begin to peel away.

“The Renovation” tells the story of house with a past and shows what happens when war follows a man from the raging battlefield to the inner space of his childhood home.

Jacques Greene "No Excuse"

Great new track off my friend Jacques Greene's upcoming "Phantom Vibrate" EP, out on April 28th, 2014 on LuckyMe Records. 



400-year-old Jewel-encrusted Skeletons Unearthed in Churches Across Europe


A relic hunter dubbed 'Indiana Bones' has lifted the lid on a macabre collection of 400-year-old jewel-encrusted skeletons unearthed in churches across Europe. Art historian Paul Koudounaris has hunted down and photographed dozens of gruesome skeletons in some of the world's most secretive religious establishments. Incredibly, some of the skeletons, which took up to five years to decorate, were even found hidden away in lock-ups and containers. They are now the subject of his latest book, which sheds light on the forgotten ornamented relics for the first time.
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"Mac OS X 10.8.2 Desktop Pictures" Shirt Collection By Wil Fry

My friend Wil Fry drops his latest project, the"Mac OS X 10.8.2 Desktop Pictures" Shirt Collection. The collection of 4 long-sleeve shirts is inspired by the wallpapers in OS X. Wil has priced the set at $2199, the same price of a new MacBook Pro. Why? Wil needs a new computer.

Find the rest of the info in his press release here and buy Fry's latest work here.

Gold Medal Mania

Got to hang with the great Shawn Johnson and show media the ins and outs of Nike+ Kinect Training. Fun

An American Classic: Pin-Up Girls

A few years ago I really started to admire Pin-up girl art - namely that of Gil Elvgren, easily the most important pin-up artist in in the twentieth century. Today I present you a small slideshow of some of the 'best' of my collection. Hope you enjoy!